cl-syslog 0.9.1

cl-syslog is a Common Lisp library that provides access to the syslog logging facility under Unix. The code was taken from OnShore's ODCL and has been enhanced to include an ASDF system, conditions, options to openlog(3) and UFFI instead of CMUCL-specific FFI code. UFFI has now been exchanged with CFFI.

The code is released under a BSD license.


  • 2006-11-28: CVS-version has migrated from UFFI to CFFI
  • Version 0.9.1 released (small bugfix)
  • Platforms

    The code has been tested under the following platforms but it expected to work on others with little or no changes. Reports on other Unices where it works is greatly appreciated.

  • Linux 2.6.x
  • Linux 2.4.x
  • FreeBSD 5.1
  • Features


    If you have asdf-install, just:

    $ asdf-install cl-syslog

    syslog can manually be downloaded from here: cl-syslog_latest.tar.gz .

    There is also anonymous CVS and ViewCVS .


    Questions, feature requests, and bug-reports are welcome on

    Project members

    Sample usage

      * (require :cl-syslog)
      * (syslog:log "myprog" :local7 :info "this is the message")
      "this is the message"
      * (syslog:log "myprog" :local7 :info "this is the message" syslog:+log-pid+)
      "this is the message"
      * (syslog:log "myprog" :local7 :info "this is the message" (+ syslog:+log-pid+ 
      "this is the message"
    ;; Then look in your /var/log/messages or other location if you have
    ;; tweaked your /etc/syslog.conf.